It is incredible to stand back and realize it has been nearly 8 years since the first ETERNAL VIGILANCE novel was released. Since that time I have written eleven novels and collections, and am now looking forward to the creation of two new novels over the next year. However, there has always been a a voice inside of me begging me to return to a specific project in particular, one that combines my passion for writing along with my passion for art and illustration -- the ETERNAL VIGILANCE comic book series. While still in the final editing stages of the first novel I began work on the comic book adaptation. After about 6 completed pages I had to table the project as my writing career picked up steam and life itself became simply too busy for the immense amount of time and creative energy such a project requires.  It is my dream to breathe new life into the creation of the ETERNAL VIGILANCE comic book series beginning this year! 


At every comic convention I attend as a guest author I receive the question, "So, are there any plans for a comic book or graphic novel?" And my reply has always been, "Hopefully, one day!" Every time I have said that, my heart has hurt a little with the uncertainty of whether or not this would come to fruition. This month, June, marks the release of the fourth installment in the novel series. It has been an incredible journey through which I have grown ever closer to my characters, garnering a deeper understanding of their natures and insight in this world I have created. They are begging to be rendered in pen and ink, that their epic struggles be illustrated for the world to see. With your help, I can make that happen!


I am seeking to raise money for the illustration and printing of the first issue of the ETERNAL VIGILANCE series. I alone will be undertaking the entire endeavor. Every drop of ink to hit the page will be from my own pen. An example of my work is featured in the image above. As with all of my creations, this comic book will be a work of pure love and the fulfillment of a promise I have made to my readers for nearly a decade. Will you be a part of this journey with me? 




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