Book 4 - Meditations on Darkness

When Tynan Llywelyn awoke after a century of Sleep he found himself tethered to a war between a global technological dictatorship and the rebel uprising it sought to crush. Tynan realized quickly that his path in this new world was to be nothing less than extraordinary, embroiled in a web of tragedy, betrayal and blood. In the wake of the death of Lord Cardone III and the system failure of the Chronous matrix, both humanity and vampire alike now struggle to redefine themselves in societal darkness and twisted co-dependency of one another to survive their common enemy, the Tyst Empire.


Tynan himself is caught in a new political war of his own. Emerging victorious from his final battle, the Immortals have appointed him to a place of power amongst their ranks. However, Tynan’s desire to return to his previous path as the philosophical leader of the creates a moral and ethical divide within him, as well as  a deep concern for the women he loves. Amidst a seething, unstable world where conspiracy and violence thrives in every shadow, Tynan must walk a perilous new path lest he watch the world he just saved burn to ashes around him.

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