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product_thumbnailThe Beginning of Nights

The third collection of free verse poetry from author Gabrielle Faust includes selections written from 1999 to 2010. Raw and unapologetic as a back porch confessional, the poetry contained in these pages are a brief insight into the inner workings of an artist struggling to understand existence while attempting to find her place in the merciless modern world.

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“The Beat” is an experimental short story tale of a vampire and his obsession with a young jazz singer. Set in the 1940′s, author Gabrielle Faust has embraced the literary stylings of Jack Kerouac in an attempt to craft a modern Beatnik tale that is pure dark poetry that flows with a reckless and passionate lifeforce of its own.

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Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.


Ten thrilling new vampire tales from award-winning authors explore the world of the undead and the twisted games they play, not only with their prey, but with each other. HIGH STAKES begs the question: Do you care to gamble…with your life.

With all new fiction from Jonathan Maberry, Joe McKinney, Sephera Giron, JG Faherty, David C. Hayes, Jeff Strand, Gabrielle Faust, Roh Morgon, Rain Graves, Michael H. Hanson. Introduction by Dacre Stoker. Poem by Linda Addison. Edited by Gabrielle Faust.

$12.99 (+ shipping)


REVENGE, my latest dark fantasy novel from Barking Rain Press, is NOW AVAILABLE! REVENGE is an epic adventure through Heaven, Hell and all of the realms in between!


When Marcus Glenfield committed suicide, he took his place among the Legions of Hell as the Demon of Regret. When he learns that the Prince of Wickedness, Belial, is planning to take his former fiancé, Brenda, as his consort, Marcus’s newfound belief in a second chance is quickly shattered in a fit of all too human rage. Incensed by the new demon’s disrespectful hostility, Belial plunges Marcus into the deepest pits of Hell.

But Lucifer has other plans for Marcus. For in the tormented lands of Purgatory, a strange and powerful uprising has gathered to form a new plane of existence—one that would break the ancient caste system of Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Limbo and Earth, thwarting both God and Satan’s permanency within the universe. Not only have these brash metaphysical pirates kidnapped the powerful child born of Brenda and Belial’s union, they have also guided Marcus out of the prisons of Hell to their new realm.

When they promise Marcus freedom in return for his help, he realizes that he will finally have to choose a side. But can he find one that he can truly believe in?

For more information on REVENGE visit www.revengenovel.com.

An autographed edition of REVENGE is now available for $14.95 + shipping/tax. ALL ORDERS COME WITH A COMPLIMENTARY DOWNLOAD COUPON FOR THE EBOOK VERSION! Click the PayPal button below to place your order for the novel NY Times Best Selling Author, Jonathan Maberry called “horror fantasy at its very best”!


FAUST by Kitty Korvette Purr-fume

A sultry, sexy new fragrance from acclaimed author Gabrielle Faust and horror entertainment icon Kitty Korvette that blends notes of Egyptian musk, dark chocolate and spicy gingerbread. Available in 1/3 oz. vials, this devilishly decadent oil is purr-fectly suited to the most daring man or woman!

All orders placed here will receive an autographed 8×10″ glossy photo of Gabrielle Faust!

1/3 oz. vial — $21.00 + shipping & handling



Book Two: The Death of Illusions

“With the Eternal Vigilance trilogy, Gabrielle S. Faust has given the vampire genre a much needed vitamin B-12 injection and made herself the Queen of Cyber Goth. The Death of Illusions ups the ante and action of the first book, setting the stage for what promises to be an epic resolution. All of this is accomplished with a lush love of poetic language that puts Faust in a class of her own.”
— Greg Lamberson, Johnny Gruesome and Personal Demons

Click here to read more reviews for Book 2!

Eternal Vigilance II: The Death of Illusions
In the year 2111 Tynan Llywelyn, the forsaken philosophical leader of the Immortal vampire race, awoke after a century’s Sleep to a world decimated by war. Drawn into a new societal structure bitterly divided between ancient magic and a cruel new technology known as the Chronous, Tynan has found himself at the heart of an epic battle to bring down the Tyst Empire, a merciless international dictatorship. The Tyst crave more than global domination; they desire true Immortality and have made a pact with an ancient vampiric god called the Vicinus who has promised them eternal life in exchange for freeing him from his otherworldly prison. Tynan would have liked nothing more than to simply turn his back on the war, but his vampire Elders and the Phuree, a cunning human rebel uprising, had other plans in store for him. He was not only to join in the fight, but he was to be the vampire to take down the Tyst Empire and bring the Vicinus to his knees.

A year later, struggling against the ironclad orders of his Elders and his own vicious moral demons, Tynan has relented and agreed to complete the mission the Phuree and Immortals have devised for him. Amidst a crumbling Immortal legacy and a divided human world suffocating from fear and bloodshed, he will lead the way towards the front lines of a war against a colossal empire he has barely begun to comprehend and a primordial force hell-bent on destroying the world. Tynan can only pray now that the Immortals and Phuree have chosen in him wisely.

Eternal Vigilance II: The Death of Illusions
is available in all ebook formats for $5.00 on Smashwords.com: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/5195

Click here to order on Amazon.com!

United States, Mexico & Canadian:
Price: $20.00 (+ Shipping & Tax)


Bound in Blood

by Gabrielle Faust

The long-awaited conclusion to the first trilogy of Gabrielle Faust’s acclaimed post-apocalyptic vampire series Eternal Vigilance has arrived! Eternal Vigilance III: Bound in Blood is now available!

Click the button below to order your copy of ETERNAL VIGILANCE III: BOUND IN BLOOD for $20.00 (+ shipping & tax). All copies of EVIII purchased through this site will be signed by the author herself.

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