Space City Con, Horror Zine, & Fang Van updates…


I will be heading to one of Houston, Texas’ finest genre conventions, Space City Con, today for a whirlwind weekend of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror! As usual with conventions, I will be speaking on panels throughout the weekend. If you are interested in attending please visit for more information and look for me in the Dealers Room! Below is the schedule of my panels in case you are interested in checking out what I have to say…

Angels and Demons in Speculative Fiction- Panel Room 2, Saturday 4pm – 5:30pm

Why Do We Love the Undead?- Panel Room 1, Saturday 6pm – 7:30pm

Geek Girls in Pop Culture Panel Room 4 Saturday 10am – 11:30am

Vampires; Should They Sparkle? – Panel Room 6, Sunday 10am – 11:30am

Also in attendance at Space City Con will be New Orleans’ resident Master Fangsmith and co-host of the Live Paranormal vampire television show “Bite Me”, Maven Lore. Throughout the weekend Maven will be joining us at our table in the Dealer’s Room where he will be crafting custom dental-grade acrylic fang sets for customers. If you are interested in setting up a particular appointment time please contact him via Facebook at

In other news, I have a new interview up on the Horror Zine website. In this interview I talks about my writing career and, of course, vampires. Visit the link below to read the full article…

And, last but not least, some good news has arrived regarding the Kickstarter fundraiser for the new Fang Van reality TV show. As of yesterday, they have reached their funding goal and will be proceeding with the creation of the custom Fang Van and development of the first few episodes of the show. Congratulations to everyone involved! For more information on the Fang Van visit

We hope to see you this weekend in Houston!


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