Vampyre ~ Superstition, Society and Subculture

I would like to invite you all to read the latest round table discussion I participated in recently for the Real Life Vampire Network, or RVLN. This particular one deals with the nature of the evolution of the vampire mythos and a bit of the issues we are dealing with today in the subculture. It is a wonderful discussion and one that I am honored to be a part of. Please visit the link below to read more!

Vampires, where did they come from, and why? Was it something ancient races needed to believe in to survive? Was it something that was needed to explain away certain events that defied understanding? How did the myth survive the upheavals of the middle ages and the “Age of Enlightenment”? How did it retain its fascination and dread amongst the people? How did the vampire find its way into the hearts and minds of modern times and into the lives of so many in the world today? More’s the point, where to from here? Read more:


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