REVENGE receives praise from

The first official review of my new dark fantasy novel REVENGE, with co-author Solomon Schneider, is now live over at! I was absolutely blown away by the praise we have received from reviewer Dave Gammon and feel quite humbled by his comparison of our work to that of King & Straub. I cannot express deeper gratitude. Below is an excerpt from the review. Please CLICK HERE or visit the link below to read the full review. :)

“I sense Revenge to be a future classic, a conversational piece among many in the horror literature community. After all aren’t we constantly plagued with the dilemma that have driven men to madness while pondering, what lies beyond? Schneider and Faust are a cohesive, well-oiled story telling machine that rival the adventure prowess of King and Straub. Highly recommended for any self-respecting horror fan.”

About the Author: Gabrielle Faust