Get your Masters in Vampire Literature!

Get your Masters in Vampire Literature!
APRIL 8, 2010

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Today, while prowling around the iO9 site searching for news on the latest Fright Night remake (don’t get me started on that one…) I noticed a link in the right hand column that said “Get Your Masters in Vampire Literature”. At first I thought perhaps it was a joke left up from April Fool’s Day, but sure enough it was real. My heart singing with joy I went on to read that the University of Hertfordshire in England is now offering an Masters of the Arts degree in Modern Literary Cultures, which focuses on “In 2010-11 you will have the chance to explore debates about desire and sexuality in the 1890s, questions of class identity in twentieth-century literature and film, and vampire narratives from the Nineteenth Century to the present day.” Why, oh why don’t I live in the UK? Le sigh! Rest assured, this is definitely something I plan on looking in to. I have been searching for a university here in the U.S. that might offer a similar degree plan as it is my dream to have a Masters in Vampire Studies, but so far, no luck here in the States. Ah, the enlightened Europeans! Biz! Biz!

The university is also offering an academic literary vampire conference next Friday & Saturday. Read below:

Open Graves, Open Minds: Vampires and the Undead in Modern Culture
April 16-17th 2010
The aim of the conference is to relate the undead in literature, art, and other media to questions concerning gender, technology, consumption, and social change. It will provide an interdisciplinary forum for the development of innovative and creative research and examine these creatures in all their various manifestations and cultural meanings. Click here to read more!

For more information on the University of Hertfordshire in England visit

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