Want to be in a Ghoultown video?


If you’re a fan of Ghoultown you’ll be very interested in this notice they sent out last night via their mailing list! I’m very tempted myself to drive up there next weekend, but seeing as how it’s the Season Finale of True Blood on Sunday the 13th, I think I’ll probably be at a True Blood party here in Austin somewhere. Ah, if only this were in Austin! ;)

If you want to be in the video, dress in your most bad ass Dead West threads — black hats, black clothes, sexy corsets, sexy cowgirl attire, etc. — and get on down to the Double Wide in Dallas on Sunday Sept 13 at 4:30pm. Even if you don’t have dead west attire, that’s fine, we want our fans and Banditos in this video! Shooting should start around 5:00pm, so be there at 4:30pm to park and get organized. We expect to be done by 8:00pm, so it won’t take long. Space in the Double Wide is also limited, so get there early to ensure you get a good spot in the video. We need fist-banging, rockin’ outlaws to make this video great, so be ready to rock to “Under the Phantom Moon” from the new cd, LIFE AFTER SUNDOWN.

Sunday September 13, 4:30pm
Double Wide
3510 Commerce St Dallas, TX 75226

To sign up for the Ghoultown email list visit: ghoultown.com.

About the Author: Gabrielle Faust